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Erotic Risk - Dominate Your Lover

Here is a risque game of world conquest and domination for lovers. Pretend you're having the ultimate battle of the sexes. Uncover sensitive areas, break down inhibiting defenses and penetrate into restricted territory. Create your Best Laid plans to strip away any will to resist your advances. Experiment with creative new techniques in unexpected zones. Play with their mind as you stimulate regions in different ways - see how they react and adjust your strategy. And when you triumph, revel in the spoils of war.

Add even more mystique to the game by pretending you are playing in historic times. Be an Egyptian queen, Ceasar, Napolean or any other character that might be interesting to roleplay. Include the personality of the characters in your sex play as well.


Win by conquering all the territories of the world. The victor receives the spoils of war and becomes supreme ruler with corresponding rewards. Make the loser submit to all your desires - what ever pleasure you want.

The ultimate goal is to dominate each other with a burning passion and lust. Foreplay activities are performed when you capture territories from your lover. Take control of their privates and fulfill your secret desires. As the conflict escalates, so does the intensity of the foreplay. Your lover will strip everything to win. As they reveal themselves, gain intimate knowledge of their intentions. They will lay themselves bare before you so take advantage when you can.

Setup & Preparation

You will need the regular board game of Risk.Setup for as specified for two players. Each time you turn in a set of cards you get more reinforcements. Write down a list of foreplay activities to correspond to successive card sets. You can use the online Erotic Risk activity form as an example that you can modify and print. It's best to create both male and female lists. Note that the level of foreplay/sexplay should increase with the value of the card sets. Also negotiate a suitable sexual favor or fantasy reward that befits a supreme ruler such as yourself.

How to Play

Use the Two Player Risk rules from the original game with the following additional rules:

  • If you capture at least one territory from your lover, then, at the end of your turn, they must perform the foreplay activity assigned to the next card set. Consider this a tribute or peace offering for halting your advance.
  • When turning in a card set for extra armies, you must also remove an article of clothing if you have any left. The next foreplay activity in the list then becomes the current tribute.

You win when you capture all your lover's territories. Claim your rightful victory reward.


This is a conquest game - score by taking over new territories. Each round of conquest, enjoy the pleasures of your submissive lover. But prepare for their counter moves.

The activity template lists the number of armies for each subsequent card set turned in. It also indicates the current activity to be performed when at least one territory is captured from your lover. As each card set is turned in, the next activity becomes the tribute to be paid.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this bedroom game for couples:

  • At any time, buy 10 extra armies by stripping an article of clothing - place them immediately
  • Each time one of your territories are taken, roll a set of erotic dice and perform the activity
  • Each time you defend a territory, your lover must roll a set of erotic dice and perform the action
  • Invite special friends over and have an all out war

If you want more sexy ideas for your bedroom games, download the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game. It comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games.

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