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Sexual Peak - Erotic solitaire you don't want to play alone

Here is an erotic version of Pyramid Solitaire specially adapted for couples who want to experience a sexual peak. It is an easy bedroom game that requires a bit of skill and lots of luck to complete. But, as each of you try to reach your sexual peak, you will enjoy sensual foreplay activities to help you on your way.


Alternately play games of Pyramid attempting to clear the top card (sexual peak). Score points for the number of cards cleared each game. If you become blocked, the last cards cleared determine the foreplay activity you receive as encouragement to continue striving for ultimate bliss. The first player to reach the sexual peak or obtain the highest score after 7 rounds wins their special sex play activity. And then it starts again for another 7 rounds of fun.

Setup & Preparation

You will need a standard deck of cards or, for faster play, a computer version of the game. For information on playing, see Pyramid Solitaire. The objective is to pair off the entire deck by combining two available cards totalling 13. Assign a foreplay activity to each of the card combinations that total 13 (see the online form you can fill out and print). Create two sets of foreplay activities with the second set being a little more sexually intense. Also specify two sexual favors or rewards each - one per match.

How to Play

Play as per regular Pyramid or your own special variation with these additional rules:

  • Record a running total of the cards cleared each game
  • All Kings must be removed from the tableau (pyramid) at the start of the game
  • Player wins the match immediately if they clear the deck completely
  • Last two cards cleared (or a King) before being blocked corresponds to your foreplay bonus to end the game

Foreplay bonuses are performed immediately after each game and before play continues with the next player. Each foreplay activity enjoyed should last at least a few minutes. Alternate playing 7 games each, count up the total cards cleared and determine a winner for the first match. The winner receives their sex play reward. Then, remove one article of clothing each and do it all over again for a second match with more intense pleasures at stake.


There are two ways to win this game: either complete the game by clearing the pyramid or by clearing the highest number of cards over a set number of games. You win a foreplay bonus just for trying to reach your sexual peak. There are two matches of 7 games per player for a total of 28 games (you only play 14 of them though). This ensures that you prolong the foreplaying for maximum fun.

The online scoring sheet is configured for two sets of seven games each. If you want (or need) to play more, print off another sheet with some different foreplay or sex play activities.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this foreplay game:

  • Use a deck of XXX playing cards for visual stimulation
  • You and your lover both play at the same time using two separate decks and creatively combine the foreplay activities you each win
  • Do not normally allow the stock deck to be reused unless the player is willing to remove an article of clothing
  • Do not immediately win the match when clearing the deck - keep going but score a 10 point bonus
  • When you have 6 or fewer cards left on the table, your partner must remove an article of clothing to help spur you on

If you want more sexy ideas for your bedroom games, download the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game. It comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games.

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