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Erotic Monopoly - Take Full Control of Your Pleasure

Here is an erotic Monopoly variation for adults that allows you to buy happiness in the form of foreplay activities. It's a sensual game of Sex & Money for couples. You play the same game you know and love with a few erotic twists to the rules. Rather than renting houses, you build pleasure parlors and sell your special services.


Your objective is to build as many pleasure parlors as possible while providing top notch "service" for your special customer. Once you've obtained a sex monopoly in the business of pleasure, you'll be able to buy ultimate happiness in the form of a special fantasy with your lover. In this erotic version of the game, you perform foreplay activities when your partner lands on your properties and pays the fee. The types of sensual pleasuring you perform are based on the price paid. As the monetary stakes increase, more explicit or intense foreplay techniques are provided. You win when your partner has no money to pay for sex and must sell themselves to you.

Rather than playing as a land baron, you are trying to build a sex empire. You want to become the ultimate pleasure broker - the only one your partner can turn too for great sex.

Setup & Preparation

For this erotic Monopoly game, use the regular   Monopolyboard, cards and pieces. Write down a list of 20 different pleasuring services you can offer your partner during the game. They should range from sensual touching and kissing to more intense or elaborate stimulation up to and including different sex positions.

Consider each side of the board to be a pleasure district of increasing quality - cheap sex right up to high society pleasure. Map your foreplay ideas so they correspond to the quality of the property/district and the number of improvements (pleasure parlors) built. For each district, the more improvements you have, the more explicit the level of foreplay performed when your partner comes to visit.

You can download, fill in and print out an editable PDF template. Use it to define four sets of five foreplay activities (1-4 parlors plus a brothel/hotel for each pleasure district). For instance, one district could be defined as:

  • 1 Parlor : Hug and passionately kiss each other
  • 2 Parlors: Massage your lover's neck and shoulders
  • 3 Parlors: Kneeling, kiss and lick your lover's belly, hips and thighs
  • 4 Parlors: Orally pleasure an exposed erogenous zone
  •   Brothel: Manually pleasure your lover

Also write down a sexual favor or fantasy reward for winning the game. You could write down a list of possible ideas each with a price tag - earn as much dirty money in the game as possible so you can afford the good stuff later.

How to Play

Use the standard Monopoly rules with the following additions:

  • When you have improvements on your property, you receive a fee in exchange for performing a sexual service for your partner. The activity performed corresponds to the district and the level of improvements made on the property. Services are performed immediately after payment.
  • If you have 2 of 3 properties in a color set, you have the option to buy the third if your partner lands on it first. But, to exercise this option, you must have and then remove an article of clothing.
  • Count each railroad you own as an improvement - you only have 1-4 but sex on a train can be fun.
  • If you land on the Tax spot, you have the option to strip an article of clothing and avoid paying the tax.
  • If you play with bonus money on Free Parking, you must strip an article of clothing to receive the money (unless you are naked already).

When you spend all your money on pleasure, you eventually need to return the favor. The richest player (either after a set time limit or by bankrupting your partner), wins the game. Use your wealth to obtain your own pleasure from your lover.


Money and Sex are the only means to score in this game. As each property is improved with pleasure parlors (houses) and ultimately a brothel (hotel), the service fee and corresponding sex activity increases in value. Each side of the board is considered to be a pleasure district of increasing quality/price. The activity template indicates the service to be performed while the property card itself indicates the actual fee. Note that in this game, one player receives money while the other receives sensual pleasure.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance your Adult Monopoly game even more:

  • Add in a drinking component. When you land on Water Works drink a shot of something stiff - rolled a double then both of you drink.
  • For Electric Company, include some vibrator play. The player landing on this utility chooses how to use the vibrator.
  • When you land on Chance, play the card as normal but also roll a set of erotic dice. Perform the foreplay action indicated. (make your own erotic dice)
  • When you land on Community Chest, play the card as normal but pick a foreplay activity using a deck of cards. (make your own erotic cards)
  • Use sheets of blank business cards to create your own Chance and Community Chest cards - combine new game elements and foreplay activities to add more erotic interest. Add your own sex game ideas to make your adult playtime even more fun. Make your own erotic game cards or include some from other foreplay games you own.
  • When you land on your own improved property, receive the corresponding foreplay activity from your lover with no monetary transaction (i.e. free sex) - ownership has its privileges.

If you have the    Make Your Own Opoly Board Game kit, check out the Frisky Business game for a ready made design you can download. You can use it to upgrade your existing board game too - make it more suitable for adult play. Hope you enjoy it.

If you want more sexy ideas for your bedroom games, download the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game. It comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games.

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