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Get Lucky in the Bedroom With Dirty Dice Games

Want to add more variety to your sex life? Sometimes we get into a routine or pattern without even thinking about it. When you mix up the of foreplay in your bedroom games, you'll discover new pleasure sensations as you tease and tantalize each other. Hot random sex maybe just the ticket to drive each other wild with passion.

That's where Frisky Dice come in. Use erotic dice to randomize different types foreplay activities. You'll enjoy a different sequence of pleasuring each time you play. Dirty dice can even be used to randomly select different sex positions, lovemaking locations, role playing ideas or even sex toys to play with. Even though you know the sex activities available, not knowing which ones will come up or in what combination adds to the erotic excitement.

Dirty dice make some of the easiest bedroom games to play. It's as simple as rolling the dice and doing something naughty. You can play erotic dice games almost anywhere. Get some sexy dice and you can roll together in and out of the bedroom.

Hot & Spicy Dice

Everybody wins in this hot dice game! She rolls the pink dice, he rolls the blue dice. Use your erotic dice to determine the body part, foreplay action and location to perform it. Will it be "lick her nipples in the Kitchen" or "suck his balls in the dining room"? Each thrilling roll of the dice creates unexpected, sexy fun! Great gift, too.

Roll the Dice for Erotic Fun & Games!

I've Never Party Dice

Perfect adult game to get any party started! Just roll the dice and find out how outrageously naughty your friends really are! A terrific ice breaker at parties. It's a great way of getting to know new friends and finding out your old pals' dirty secrets! The dice are broken up by word and phrases, so you end up with a complete sentence after rolling them. Other dice determines who the question applies to (guys, girls or everyone) and how many shots you have to take.

Possible subjects include:

  • I've never used a sex toy on my boy/girlfriend
  • I've never had sex with a coworker
  • I've never caught my parents with a sex toy
  • I've used a sex toy outside
The best part about this game is that the dice are completely random - so there's no way for two or three people to gang up on the group with a list of loaded questions. What's the dirtiest, nastiest thing you've ever done?

Sex Shakers Dice Game

If you're looking for something to put a spark back in your sex life, then this foreplay game is just the thing! Just jiggle the two multi-colored shakers. The silver shaker has different actions (blow, tickle, rub and others) while the gold shaker shows different erogenous zones from your lips down to your toes. Just follow what the dice say - from blowing on his thigh to sucking her nipple. Whatever happens next is between you and your partner!

If you feel your sex life has become routine, enhance your adult play with random foreplay. Since you never what combination might come up, you're in for fun new surprises night after night!

Shake up your Sex Life with this Foreplay Game!

Spicy Dice

Here's a sexy dice game with a twist: you can ONLY have sex when you roll both hexagon dice and the word "SEX" comes up twice! It's tons of foreplay fun and frisky teasing until that magic moment! The regular cube-shaped die tells you WHERE to do it! A great icebreaker for new couples!

Discover how this simple couples games can spice up your sex life. Get out of your sexual routine and have more fun with random pleasure. See how lucky you can get in and out of the bedroom.

Ready for the Best Dice Game Ever?

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Erotic Dice From Eden Fantasys

Buy erotic dice with pre-printed actions, body parts and sex positions or design your own. Either way, it’s easy to shake up your sex life with frisky dice games for couples. There are all kinds of erotic dice for different types of sexual activities ranging from sensual foreplay to oral sex to anal sex to kinky SM play. There are dirty dice that have picture of different sex positions and even sex toys. You can roll them once to find something new to do or play one activity after another until you are completely satisfied.

Couples Games Blog Posts

Dice Strip Game - Rolling Together In or Out of Bed: Get lucky or get naked with this exciting stripping game using dice. Here is a bedroom game you can play anytime or anywhere. Dice strip encourages you to remove your clothing to save your dice and earn a higher score. Mix in some pleasure activities and you have a great foreplay game for couples.

Make Your Own Couples Games - Get Lucky with Frisky Dice: Want more variety in your love life? Try making your own erotic dice games and introduce random sex into your bedroom. Break out of your old pleasure patterns and shake up your sex life. With these hot couples games, you're guaranteed to get lucky.

For a really hot erotic dice game for couples, try out our Frisky Foreplay Game - you can get it here. Use three regular dice to select from over 200 foreplay activities that range from warm and loving to down right kinky. See which one of you is willing to be just a little bit more naughty.

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