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Dice Strip Game - Get Lucky or Get Naked!

Here is an exciting strip game using dice for any number of players. We especially adapted it as a couples game. It mixes in stripping and different foreplay activities. Although anything is possible throughout the game, the chance of more intense foreplay increases as the game progresses to a climax.


The ultimate goal, of course, is to have your partner strip and perform sensual activities with you. You roll 5 dice trying to get a high total score with out hitting any special strip numbers. If you roll a hot number, you either strip or receive a foreplay reward but no points. You strip dice and clothing away as you progress through 24 rounds of play. Total scores are accumulated each round. Highest score wins a sexual favor or fantasy reward.

Setup & Preparation

You will need five dice. Start with four articles of clothing each. Write down a numbered list of 24 foreplay activities. You can download, fill in and print the dice strip game template - see scoring note below.

How to Play

Each player takes a turn rolling 5 dice and totalling the value for that turn. However, if any die shows a 2 or 5, you have a choice to make. Either:

  • Remove an article of clothing if you're not naked yet and include the 2's and 5's in your score.
  • Lose one die from further play and score a zero that round. Cross off one die on the Dice Strip at the top of the scoring sheet - always leave the last one though.

To make things interesting, if you decide to lose a die and score zero, reroll your remaining dice, sum the total value (including the strip values) and select the corresponding foreplay activity. You receive the pleasuring with your partner. Remember, this isn't a penalty - it's compensation for now being at a disadvantage with fewer dice to score with. Note that you always roll with a minimum of 1 die even if you lost it that turn. Here are some examples:

  • Roll 1,3,4,4,6: score 18 for the round.
  • Roll 5,6,5,5,3: elect to strip one article of clothing and score 24.
  • Roll 2,1,3,2,1: elect to lose a die, score 0 for the round, cross one out and use 4 dice for the remainder of the game. Also, roll four dice, total the value, locate the corresponding foreplay activity and enjoy your lover's affection.
  • Roll 2: you are already naked so must elect to lose the die and score 0 for the round. But since you only have one left, you keep it, reroll it and select the corresponding foreplay activity to be performed.


Each round, add the point totals of the dice together with the value of the previous round. However, if the special strip or hot numbers (2,5) are rolled, your calculation depends on your actions (detailed above). The player with the highest total after 24 rounds of play is the winner.

Scoring Note: the activities near the top of your activity list have a higher chance of being hit with fewer dice. This means you are close to being naked before it's likely or possible to roll these activities. Knowing this, it is best to put more explicit activities at the top of the list. Also, you can only hit the bottom activities with all four dice. Usually you would still have most of your clothes on (unless you really wanted to win your sexual reward and stripped quickly to keep all your dice). Take this into account when you choose the types of foreplay activities in the bottom section.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this foreplay game even more:

  • Only use one of the strip numbers - either the 2 or the 5
  • Assign special rewards for 3, 4 and 5 of a kind (even 2's and 5's)
  • Quick game: play 18 or 12 rounds but still use all 24 foreplay possibilities
  • Create separate male and female foreplay activity lists to be performed by your partner
  • When rolling to determine foreplay activity, choose any number of dice to use (1,2,3 or 4)
  • If you have a lower score, you can choose to strip an item of clothing to get an extra die
  • Invite friends over and play mixed doubles

If you want more sexy ideas for your bedroom games, download the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game. It comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games.

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