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Creative Sex Games for Couples - Be a Sensual Artist

When you include sensual and emotional ingredients into your foreplay menu, you have a recipe for great sex. Tap into both sides of your brain and experience new levels of intimate fun and pleasure. Anyone can be a creative lover when you dabble in the erotic arts with a spirit of playful fun. Using body paints, chocolate syrup or even certain types of fruit, you can create a delicious master piece that is physically and visually arousing. You can stimulate all your senses and your mind too.

Roleplay as an exotic chef with your lover as the delectable dessert - presentation and taste come together in a sensual feast of pleasure. Use honey, ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, mango, peaches and other exotic fruit to create a tasty treat. Sensually stroke an erogenous zone with the soft sticky fruit. Delicately lick the spot to sample the taste before arranging your design. Build your lover's appetite with succulent samples combined with a juicy kiss. Dribble on some chocolate or liquor and add some whip cream if you desire. You may even want to take a picture before devouring your sexy dish. Drive your lover wild as you lick and suck their body in a foreplay feeding frenzy.

Or maybe roleplay as an erotic artist that likes to use live models. Take turns sketching each other in different poses (naked of course). Draw your lover's complete body or special parts of interest in detail. When you focus on your lover, you'll see them in a fascinating new light. They may be shy about exposing themselves to you at first but will love your attention. Flatter your model with descriptive compliments as you draw each luscious part of their body. Make them feel special so they open up and reveal their full beauty. It doesn't matter what the drawings look like - an artist/model roleplay session will get you both turned on.

A photographer/model roleplay works too - you can even draw or enhance the images afterwards. If you want some great personal artwork of each other though, take a life drawing class together and hone your skills at home later. This is a great way to enhance your relationship even more.

With body paints, sexy crayons or washable markers, you can express your creative side directly on a naked canvas - your lover's body or even your own.

Adult Paint Box

Dip your brush into these fruit-flavored body paints and decorate your lover's naked skin with wild color! The best part is slowly licking off your tasty artwork. This kit includes 4 bottles of edible Cherry, Pina Colada, Blueberry and Banana paint, erotic stencils and a paintbrush. Let your imagination run wild!

Remember finger painting? Imagine the sensual feel of your fingers applying the paint to different parts of your lover's body. Stroke out shapes and designs and see if they can guess what they are. Contour her breasts with rings of color or paint his balls like Easter eggs. Add details with the teasing touch of a fine artist brush - use it to flick and swirl around sensitive erogenous zones like nipples, lips, ear lobes, toes, etc. Delicately tickle soft tender areas of skin with a brush or use broad zigzag strokes with your fingers. Vary your technique to keep your lover anticipating your creative touch.

Express Your Passion with Paint! If it's really good, take a few digital pictures to remember your master piece before licking and sucking it off.

Color Me Sexy Crayons

Create erotic art-using your lover's body as a living canvas! Play games, leave messages, circle your favorite parts-just a few sexy things you can do with these easy to use, water-soluble crayons. It comes with 6 non-toxic neon colors.

Go wild with graphic graffiti. Write endearing words of love and affection on each part of your lover. Describe what you adore about them as you stroke out your intimate designs. Or write erotic words and dirty pictures on your lover while they're blind folded and see if they can guess what it is.

You can use the sexy crayons to make each other look dazzling and wildly exotic. Get inspiration from fantasy characters, aliens in movies or even earthly creatures like animals and insects. Add surrealistic attributes like eyes or lips on different parts of your body. Or just create interesting shapes, squiggles and patterns to highlight each erogenous zone. Make the games quick and dirty or spend some time making each other look amazing - release your imagination and feel free to color outside the lines.

Carnal Coloring with Crayons is Crazy Fun!

Remember to keep all sugary substances out of the vagina since it can cause a nasty yeast infection. Use special flavored lubes instead. These are great when you stimulate her clitoris with an artist brush and then perform cunnilingus.

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