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When couples first get together in an intimate relationship, hot sex seems to happen spontaneously - any time, any where. It's exciting and new and the sex is great. But, as our hormones wear off and we become more comfortable with each other, we can get into a routine or pattern with our sex life. Granted, it still feels good but ... you still crave that wild, passionate, adventurous sex that makes your heart race and your mind swirl in ecstasy. You want more erotic fun and games in and out of the bedroom - and you know your partner does too.

Remember the playful, frisky antics you enjoyed when you first met - the flirting, the suggestive innuendos, the sense you were doing something naughty and forbidden. Fuelled by lust, you had the confidence and curiosity to be adventurous - to experience the erotic thrill of doing something wildly new and exciting. You would even explore your mischievous nature to experiment with taboo pleasures just for fun. You can recapture that youthful passion, creative curiosity and sexual energy again.

We have found that playing couples games together can really enhance your love life - not with just more sex but a better quality of intimacy (which of course leads to more sex). Sexy games in and out of the bedroom give you the chance to have more interactive fun together. Laughing and playing with each other makes your lovemaking extra special. Some games for couples will get you thinking and talking about new types of sexy experiences to enjoy together. Others will encourage you to explore creative foreplay techniques or try out new sex activities.

Here are a few different types of games for couples you may want to try:

  • Relationship games help you explore your emotional needs and the unique perspectives you each have about your lives together. As your relationship evolves and grows, you both change as well. Couples need to take time to relearn what's important to each other so that nothing is taken for granted. Build a deeper appreciation and stronger connection as you focus on your feelings for each other.
  • Sex and foreplay games help you slow down intimate activities so you can fully enjoy your sensual pleasure even more. Not knowing exactly what will happen next creates an element of surprise and anticipation. Mix in a little competition with just the right amount of strategy and these games will increase your excitement - build your sexual tension (for a more intense release later). When you win a sensual reward, it feels so much better.
  • Erotic party games with friends give you the chance to explore new sexual ideas, attitudes and thoughts. In a fun and playful setting (with a few drinks), share your ideas on sex and discover how other people enjoy themselves. You may even learn a few secret fantasies, sexual adventures or naughty deeds that you can try yourself later - satisfy your curiosity.

Bedroom games encourage you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual and emotional experience. By rewarding skilled (or lucky) play, winning will feel extra special in more ways than one. Avoiding sexy penalties also adds to the excitement of the game. Your desire to win will have you both doing naughty antics and erotic activities you may never have dared to before. Bedroom games always provide a win-win for both of you.

As you know, more foreplay is essential to improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasms. When playing foreplay games in your bedroom, you can:

  • Enjoy new foreplay combinations for more intimate variety
  • Experiment with new sensual pleasuring techniques
  • Rediscover forgotten erogenous zones or find new ones
  • Explore new types of sensual stimulation you really want to try
  • Play with your sex toys and erotic accessories together
  • Prolong your pleasure & build excitement for a more explosive climax

My wife and I have been designing and playing foreplay games for many years. We even enhance store bought games to make them more fun. We decided to start the Bedroom Games website and the Couples Games blog so you can enjoy them too. We even wrote a book: Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas For Couples: Be Naughty Play Dirty Togetherwith many of our favourites. Some are original game designs while others are custom enhancements for games you may already own, play or want to buy. Our game designs are focused on creative sensual intimacy combined with a spirit of competitive play. Amazing sex is just one of the goals - our aim is to help you increase the happiness and pleasure in your relationship.

Maintaining and enhancing your intimate connection is why we look for games that:

  • Create fun ways for you to add hot new sex ideas into your bedroom - random surprises or planned
  • Encourage you to try or retry intimate foreplay tips in new combinations or in different situations
  • Help you discover new sensual pleasuring techniques - you might like it or secretly want it
  • Stimulate your erotic thoughts and desires - discuss kinky activities and fetishes to see where they lead
  • Make it easier for you to discuss and explore wild fantasies - gain confidence to act them out
  • Help you identify what you need to feel sexually fulfilled - free your inhibitions to enjoy sex even more
  • Give you a safe & sensitive way to decline certain activities you're not comfortable with - yet

Above all, we want to help couples like you have more fun in and out of the bedroom. We hope you enjoy the couples games you find here. As you gain more experience playing together and trying ideas, you will find ways to create your own sex games. Please share your bedroom game ideas for other couples to enjoy too. Participate in the blog by posting a comment, testimonial or game review. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note that we are consolidating our Bedroom Games site with our Games For Couples website. The menu links will automatically redirect to our new site. We'll also be moving a few of our other website articles with more hot love games onto this new site. And, of course, we'll be finding and designing new sexy games for you to play.

If you want more sexy ideas for your bedroom games, download the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game. It comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games.

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